Overview of My Research

My PhD research investigates light-matter interactions in periodic waveguides such as gratings and photonic crystal waveguides, and the applications of these nonlinear interactions.
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I grew up in Izmir, Turkey and obtained my BSc degrees from Izmir Institute of Technology, one of Turkey’s top universities specializing in engineering and natural sciences. I graduated as the valedictorian on June 2015, with a double major from Electronics and Communication Engineering and Physics. During my undergraduate studies, I completed my internships in Optics and Nanotechnology laboratories, in Turkey and France, where I cultivated my interest in optics and gained experience in metrology and nanofabrication. In September 2015, I started my PhD studies in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). I was a member of the Photonics Devices and Systems group and completed my PhD journey in September 2019. I published several journal papers and conference papers throughout my PhD. My research interests were in periodic waveguide structures on integrated, nonlinear platforms. After my PhD, I carried out postdoctoral research in Photonic Systems Lab (PHOSL) in École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). I joined Synopsys Photonic Solutions in March 2021.

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